Managing Bereavement, Grief and Loss (Online resource)

Would you like to ensure your staff are supporting each other’s emotional wellbeing during times of loss?


Everyone experiences grief and bereavement throughout their life, whether it be through the loss of a loved one, a house, a relationship or the after effects of a traumatic event. If left unaddressed, grief can have a major impact on an individual’s ability to function and carry out their work.

There are people experiencing loss in every workplace and relying on the support of others to overcome this. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult subject to broach in the workplace, leaving concerned colleagues too afraid of saying the wrong thing to provide the support that’s needed.

SuperFriend’s ‘Managing Bereavement, Grief and Loss’ equips employees and employers with the skills and confidence to support themselves and colleagues experiencing loss, and educates them about the helpful and harmful actions to take during this time.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Creates greater connectedness and support in your workplace to reduce the impact of grief and loss
  • Teaches staff how to support colleagues in times of loss
  • Provides supporting educational resources with audio accessibility
  • Can be installed on your workplace’s own learning management system or intranet
  • Can be completed by employees in their leisure and can also be revisited by employees and managers in times of need

The easy-to-use, online e-learning module goes for 20 minutes and teaches employees how to use helpful language when supporting a colleague through grief and loss. The program can be purchased as a single-user license (from $35) or outright for your company to own (from $400).

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