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A number of SuperFriend programs are available to SuperFriend Partners free of charge.

SuperFriend supports workplaces to promote mental health and wellbeing into their organisation and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness

Our programs use leading organisational psychologists and development consultants to deliver evidence based workplace mental health programs that build capability within organisations to keep their employees ‘present and productive’.


Name Duration No of Participants Who Can Book Audience
Wellbeing Works 90+ minutes 5-8 All organisations Select staff from across business
Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for Staff and Managers Between 3 and 6 hours Groups sizes vary between 4-16 All Organisations Managers

All staff

Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for the Financial Services Industry Half or Full Day Training Groups sizes vary between 4-16 Superannuation + Insurance Organisations Managers

All staff

Teamtopia 5 weeks active online participation + varied F2F coaching + pre/post-program options Unrestricted All Organisations All staff
Managing Bereavement Grief and Loss 20 minutes (online) Unrestricted All Organisations

Individual Employees



Individual Employees

SuperFit Mates 2 days F2F Training + 5 months support Up to 15 All Organisations Select staff based on criteria
Planning for a Mentally Healthy Retirement 45 minutes Unrestricted Superannuation Funds

All Organisations

Superannuation Members

All staff

Wellbeing Works

A 90 minute workplace assessment, engaging a cross section of employees, to help determine strengths in your workplace and identify opportunities for improvement.  

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for Staff and Managers

A Psychologist facilitated seminar to build staff confidence and skills when working with people affected by mental illness

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for The Financial Services Industry

A range of best-practice, practical and industry-specific Mental Health & Wellbeing Training (MH&W Training) for the Financial Services Industry. The Training builds non-technical, but essential skills, to equip staff with the skills confidence to better support the member, improve business outcomes and look after themselves and their colleagues in the process.

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An online and face- to-face program that increases employee engagement to improve organisational culture using the scientific principles of positive psychology

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Managing Bereavement Grief and Loss

An easy-to-use, 20-minute online e-learning module which equips employees and employers with the skills and confidence to support themselves and colleagues experiencing loss, and educates them about the helpful and harmful actions to take during this time.

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SuperFit Mates

An innovative workplace peer support training program that teaches and empowers employees to become mentors to support the mental health of their colleagues and promote positive wellbeing in the organisation.

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Planning For a Mentally Healthy Retirement

A psychologist facilitated seminar to help employees transition into a mentally healthy retirement.

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