About Us

About Us

SuperFriend is a national mental health organisation focused on creating positive, healthy and safe working environments where every employee can be well and thrive. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of suicide and impact of mental illness on individuals and their workplaces.

We are the only mental health organisation that partners with ‘all profit to member’ superannuation funds and group life insurers to gain knowledge of the industry’s unique needs and respond with tailored solutions. Through these collaborative relationships, SuperFriend has the potential to embed mental health and wellbeing best practices into 750,000 workplaces and impact more than half of Australia’s workforce through our suite of programs and resources.

The SuperFriend story began in 2007 when insurers and superannuation funds came together through the Industry Funds Forum to coordinate an approach to improving the mental health of their members so they could enjoy a long, positive and financially secure retirement. Since then, the Foundation has made a big impact – see the achievements we put together for our 10th anniversary here.

The SuperFriend Story 

What we do

SuperFriend guides organisations to build positive, supportive and high performing teams through our suite of workplace programs and resources. We do this by building on the positive aspects of work to create optimal environments for all employees. The benefits of a mentally healthier environment are a reduction in business costs, increased staff retention, as well as increase in engagement, wellbeing, productivity and profitability.

SuperFriend aims to reduce the incidence of suicide and the impact of mental illness by:

Our Board

SuperFriend is proud to acknowledge the leadership and direction of our Board of Directors. The Board is chaired by Cbus Super CEO, David Atkin, and it is majority is made up of senior representatives from the Industry Funds Forum and SuperFriend’s Partner Funds. The Board meets four times a year and is responsible for the oversight of the strategic direction, governance, risk, financial and long term sustainability of the Foundation.


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Program Committee

SuperFriend’s Program Committee is Chaired by Teifi Whatley, Executive General Manager, Customer & Technology at Sunsuper, and assists the Board of Directors in its oversight activities of SuperFriend in relation to:

  • acting as an advisory and consultative committee to the Board and SuperFriend’s Leadership Team; and
  • monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of Mental Health & Wellbeing programs, projects, strategic collaborations, insights & impacts and initiatives.

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Governance, Strategy & Annual Reports

SuperFriend’s Constitution defines the purpose of the Foundation to provide Health Promotion activities and initiatives that promote improved mental health and wellbeing, reduce the risks of ill-health, decrease stigma about mental illness and prevent suicide across the community. SuperFriend’s Governance Policy & Framework  guides the work of the organisation, Board and Committees. It is reviewed annually and updated as required. SuperFriend is committed to good governance, and reporting to achieve all required ASIC, ATO and ACNC obligations and accountability to our Program Partners.

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