About Us

About Us

SuperFriend is a national mental health promotion foundation focused on making it simple for employers to create mentally healthy workplaces to reduce the incidence of suicide and the impact of mental illness on individuals and organisations.

We are the only mental health organisation partnering with superannuation funds and group insurers to gain knowledge of the Industry’s mental health needs and respond to them with a tailored approach. Through these unique relationships, SuperFriend has access to embed mental health and wellbeing best practices into 750,000 workplaces and impact more than half of Australia’s workforce.


In 2017, SuperFriend is celebrating 10 years of operation – here’s some of our key SuperFriend Achievements

What we do

SuperFriend provides solutions to support workplaces to look after their people. Rather than only supporting the one in five Australians who will experience a mental health issue this year, SuperFriend works in the positive mental health space to ensure that five in five workers have the opportunity to thrive in their workplace. The benefits of this is an increase in productivity and a reduction in staff absenteeism and turn-over, demands on HR and worker’s compensation claims

SuperFriend aims to reduce the incidence of suicide and the impact of mental illness by:

Our Board

SuperFriend is proud to acknowledge the leadership and direction of our Board of Directors. The Board is chaired by REST Industry Super CEO, Damian Hill, and its majority is made up of senior representatives from the Industry Funds Forum and SuperFriend’s Partner Funds. The Board meets four times a year and is responsible for the oversight of the strategic direction, governance, risk, financial and long term sustainability of the Foundation.


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Program Committee

SuperFriend’s Program Committee is Chaired by Teifi Whatley, Executive General Manager, Customer & Technology at Sunsuper, and assists the Board of Directors in its oversight activities of SuperFriend in relation to:

  • acting as an advisory and consultative committee to the Board and SuperFriend’s Leadership Team; and
  • monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of Mental Health & Wellbeing programs, projects, strategic collaborations, insights & impacts and initiatives.

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Governance, Strategy & Annual Reports

SuperFriend’s Constitution defines the purpose of the Foundation to provide Health Promotion activities and initiatives that promote improved mental health and wellbeing, reduce the risks of ill-health, decrease stigma about mental illness and prevent suicide across the community. SuperFriend’s Governance Policy & Framework  guides the work of the organisation, Board and Committees. It is reviewed annually and updated as required. SuperFriend is committed to good governance, and reporting to achieve all required ASIC, ATO and ACNC obligations and accountability to our Program Partners.

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Why is our work so important?


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