About Us

About Us

SuperFriend advocates for, equips and empowers profit-to-member superannuation funds and insurers to achieve mentally healthy workplaces for their staff and members.
Can you imagine an Australia where all workplaces are mentally healthy?
That’s our vision. Pure and simple.

We are the only mental health organisation partnering with profit-to-member super funds and group life insurers to provide tailored solutions for this sector, its employers and members.

We also work directly with Australian businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With our in-depth knowledge and unique focus, these strong partnerships give SuperFriend the potential to embed mental health and wellbeing best practices into 750,000 workplaces and impact more than half of Australia’s workforce through our solutions.

We focus on:

  • evidence-informed solutions (programs, training, resources and events)
  • advocacy (collaborations, national working groups, Government forums) and
  • insights (regular national and local research analysing trends, impact and outcomes)

The SuperFriend story began in 2007 when super funds and insurers came together to coordinate an approach to reduce suicide and improve the mental health of their members to enable them to enjoy long, positive and mentally healthy retirements.

The SuperFriend Story 

What we do

SuperFriend supports organisations to build positive, supportive and thriving workplaces where everyone has the opportunity to be their best. We do this through our suite of workplace solutions, building on the positive aspects of work to create optimal environments for all workers. The benefits of a mentally healthy workplace include a reduction in business costs and increased staff retention, as well as increased engagement, wellbeing, productivity and profitability.

SuperFriend aims to work towards our bold vision of a mentally healthy Australia by:

  • Developing capability by designing, delivering and promoting useful solutions (programs, resources, insights and events)
  • Maintaining and growing sustainable partnerships within the superannuation and insurance industry
  • Driving meaningful collaborations with super funds, insurers, employers and the mental health sector, and
  • Advocating practical system change to government and key stakeholders.

Our Board

SuperFriend is proud to acknowledge the leadership and direction of our Board of Directors. The Board is chaired by Cbus Super CEO, David Atkin, and is mostly comprised of senior executives from SuperFriend’s Partner Funds, together with Independent Directors. The Board meets four times a year and is responsible for the oversight of the strategic direction, governance, risk, finance and SuperFriend’s long-term sustainability.


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Expert Advisory Committee

SuperFriend’s Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) assists the Board in its oversight of the innovation activities of SuperFriend. The EAC acts as an advisory and consultative committee to the Board and Management.



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Governance, Strategy & Annual Reports

SuperFriend’s Constitution defines the purpose of our organisation to provide Health Promotion activities and initiatives that promote improved mental health and wellbeing, reduce the risks of ill-health, decrease stigma about mental illness and prevent suicide across the community. SuperFriend’s Governance Policy & Framework guides the work of the organisation, Board and Committees. It is reviewed annually and updated as required. SuperFriend is committed to good governance, and reporting to achieve all required ASIC, ATO and ACNC obligations and accountability to our Program Partners.

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SuperFriend expands its role in influencing widespread systems change in workplace mental health across Australia and internationally by participation in formal and informal collaborations and alliances.

Through our continued involvement in the Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration, the LeadingWell Queensland Collaboration, the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance and the Health Benefits of Good Work, we are able to work with our collaborators to influence government, business leaders and industry.


Pro Bono Supporters

SuperFriend could not achieve its valuable work without the help of organisations that generously provide support and advice. We work closely with these organisations on a regular basis and thank them for their support

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