Professor Eóin Killackey

Principal Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist, Orygen Youth Health

Professor Killackey is the Ronald Phillip Griffith Fellow, Principal Research Fellow, Director of Psychosocial Research and Clinical Psychologist at Orygen Youth Health Research Centre and the Centre for Youth Mental Health at The University of Melbourne.

After completing his doctorate at Deakin University in 2000, he worked as a clinical psychologist in public and private, adolescent and adult mental health settings before coming to Orygen Youth Health Research Centre. His research is primarily in the area of psychological and psychosocial interventions in first episode psychosis. He is particularly concerned with functional recovery which encompasses areas such as vocational rehabilitation, homelessness, sexual and physical health and parenting with a mental illness.

Eóin became a member of SuperFriend’s Program Committee at the start of 2011. He believes that SuperFriend, with its coverage of half of the Australian workforce, is superbly placed to have a tremendous positive impact on the mental health of Australians. He hopes that through its work, SuperFriend will not only help prevent mental ill health among those covered by SuperFriend aligned funds, but through them will also be one of the most important factors in spreading good mental health through the broader community.

We are proud to have Professor Killackey on our Program Committee.