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SuperFriend’s Resources are best practice, evidence-informed and provide practical tools, ideas and advice for you to roll out in your own organisation.

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Supporting a safe return to the workplace


SuperFriend’s Keir Paterson and Pippa Rose discuss strategies and considerations for a mentally healthy transition back to pre-COVID ways of working and adapting to the new normal.


Ever wondered what it was like for employees returning to work after 9/11 or the Christchurch earthquakes? We found some precedents for the unprecedented – and explore some practical strategies for leaders to apply during this transition.


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Building Thriving Workplaces

SuperFriend’s latest resource, Building Thriving Workplaces (released in November 2018), guides employers through the process of creating positive workplace mental health and wellbeing practices and processes.

It focuses on the 5 essential pillars or domains for a thriving workplace: leadership, connectedness, policy, capability and culture and provides practical, cost effective actions that employers can use to improve their organisation in the relevant areas.

Here is Emma Vibert, SuperFriend’s Head of Partner Relationships, on how to chat about the resource with employers:


2019 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace report

Research is a critical part of the work we do, and a key part of our research program is the Indicators of a Thriving Workplace study – this year, analysing insights from over 10,000 Australian workers in a broad range of industries and occupations.

Through this annual study, we have pinpointed actions most likely to help workers and workplaces thrive. We have also highlighted industries and groups of workers most at-risk—giving employers a clear and comprehensive roadmap for intervention.

Key findings from this year’s Report include:
  • The 2019 national ‘thriving workplace’ score is 62.7 out of 100, steady from last year
  • More than half of Australia’s workers have experienced a mental health condition
  • Two in five of these workers believe their workplace caused the condition or made it worse
  • 1 in 5 workers find their job very or extremely stressful
  • Workload and deadlines are the top causes of stress nationally
  • The most common barrier to achieving a thriving workplace is lack of appropriate skills in managers

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How can SuperFriend support your organisation?

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Thriving Workplaces Kickstarter

This flyer explains SuperFriend’s Thriving Workplaces Kickstarter – a program designed to kickstart the process of building and sustaining mentally healthy environments where all people can be their best.

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Top 11 ways to improve worker wellbeing

These are the 11 most effective ways to improve worker wellbeing, based on the 40 scientifically-validated indicators from our most recent workplace research report.

Implementing even one of these actions can make a huge difference to worker mental health.


Mental Health vs Mental Illness

When we understand the difference between mental health and mental illness, it can help us better understand those around us, including in our workplace. This video helps explain the difference.