How we can help

How we can help

Can you imagine an Australia where all workplaces are mentally healthy? That’s our vision. Pure and simple.
Our purpose is to advocate for, equip and empower you to achieve mentally healthy workplaces for you and your members.

We do this through:

  • evidence-informed solutions (programs, training, resources and events)
  • advocacy (collaborations, national working groups, Government forums) and
  • insights (regular national and local research analysing trends, impact and outcomes).

We have a unique model, primarily working with our profit-to-member super fund Partners and group life insurers – together with their participating employers and members. Through this model, we have the potential to work with more than half of Australia’s workers.

SuperFriend offers mental health and wellbeing solutions to workplaces connected to superannuation funds and group insurers.

Your workplace

SuperFriend’s suite solutions is evidence-based and designed to create positive, supportive workplace cultures where employees can thrive and be their best. Each solution is designed to help you build and maintain your organisation’s wellbeing toolkit and support you in building healthy teams.

Our solutions for workplaces include:

Take a look at how this large Australian employer has navigated their journey.


Mental health solutions for superannuation funds and group insurers, their employers and members