Planning a Mentally Healthy Retirement

Transitioning into retirement can provoke feelings of excitement and apprehension for many people. Not only do people require education around financial and physical health, but also around how to prepare mentally when transitioning to retirement.

mentally-health-retirement-a-superfriend-initiative-2The SuperFriend Planning for a Mentally Healthy Retirement Seminar was developed in conjunction with the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and is delivered by accredited psychologists. Seminars range from 30-60 minutes and teach people how to protect against poor mental health during retirement by helping them to:

  • form realistic expectations about retirement by understanding the link between expectations, satisfaction and wellbeing
  • learn which factors contribute to adjusting well and poorly to retirement
  • understand the importance of planning a mentally healthy retirement (not just financially) and how to use the SuperFriend planning tool to do this effectively
  • understand the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ and learn strategies to foster wellbeing during retirement

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