Retiring Well

Retiring Well is a seminar designed to assist people to achieve a mentally healthy retirement.

The seminar aims to produce positive change in the knowledge and attitudes of attendees towards retirement.

Transitioning into retirement can provoke feelings of excitement and apprehension for many people. Not only do people require education around financial health and physical health, but also around how to prepare mentally at all stages of the retirement journey.

Delivered by a qualified psychologist via a public event or a workplace, as organised by the fund or employer.


What participants will learn

By the end of the seminar attendees are expected to:

  • Have formed realistic expectations surrounding the transition into retirement, and reflected on their own retirement pathway
  • Know which factors contribute to adjusting well and poorly to retirement, and learned strategies to help increase the likelihood of a smooth transition
  • Understand the relationship between retirement adjustment and mental health, and how to support mental health during the retirement transition
  • Understand the importance of planning for a mentally healthy retirement (not just planning financially) and how to use the SuperFriend Planning Tool to do this effectively
  • Understand the Five Ways to Wellbeing including practical strategies to foster wellbeing during older adulthood

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Duration 20 mins* or 1 hour
Complimentary resources Attendees receive a booklet and access to the Retiring Well resource page to assist with their retirement journey
Participants No limit
Cost From $1,100 +GST
$1.50 charged per additional booklet when >50 participants

*Cost remains the same due to the call out fee of the psychologist


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