Getting Started

Getting Started

SuperFriend offers easily-accessible, evidence-based advice, programs and guidance to help you form a thriving workforce. These resources will help you to build a workplace environment that is supportive, cohesive and respectful, which ultimately enables workers to be more engaged, positive, and effective at work.

A podcast to support you in building a thriving workplace

While providing fresh fruit and the odd yoga class for staff are important contributors to a well workforce, employers are beginning to realise that these one-off initiatives are only a small part of the wellbeing picture.
Thriving workplaces occur when mentally healthy practices are embedded into the DNA of an organisation – from policy and practice to the way people greet each other in the hallway.

Our ‘More than a Fruitbowl’ podcast series will provide short, sharp episodes for you to download information quickly and on the go! Episodes will provide quick take-aways that people leaders and anyone responsible for the wellbeing of employees can easily apply in their own organisation


Peer Support Booklet

This booklet helps your employees to learn more about mental health and how to get help for yourself or a friend or colleague. It provides a number of practical suggestions for listening to and supporting work colleagues.


Looking After You (resource)

Why not share resources with your employees to support their own self care?
Most of us are juggling multiple roles in our lives, and many of these typically involve caring for others. Making self-care a priority with “the life juggle” can be tricky, so to help, we’ve put together this resource packed with simple, easy and free ways you can inject more care for yourself into each and every day.  


Building Thriving Workplaces (resource)

This resource provides practical information on five evidence-based characteristics known as ‘domains’– Leadership, Connectedness, Policy, Capability, and Culture – which are essential for creating positive and thriving workplaces. These guidelines equip readers with evidence and a business case for building thriving workplaces, as well as simple, cost effective ideas to action. 

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VWMWC’s Resource Centre

The Resource Centre, developed by the Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaborations, is a collection of practical resources that employers can easily access to learn more about workplace mental wellbeing. It is a strong starting point for your next step in promoting mental wellbeing and includes: 

  • The best resources from around Australia and the world 
  • International resources so you can read from a wide array of reliable, evidence-based sources.  
  • Case studies that show you how other local businesses are applying mental health strategies. 
  • Positive and supportive management techniques form the basis of a mentally healthy workplace culture. The Resource Centre includes information on such management strategies, such as providing feedback, dealing with job loss circumstances and maintaining proactive performance management processes.

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