Improving Workplace Culture

Improving Workplace Culture

Creating a positive workplace culture is a key component of the success of any organisation. Positive culture is created through engaged employees.

Businesses with highly engaged workforces outperform peers with low levels of employee engagement by 20% in productivity(1). There are many benefits to be gained in creating and fostering a culture that focuses on people’s wellbeing. These range from reducing costs, increasing retention rates, achieving higher levels of loyalty, minimising stress, improving staff morale and meeting your legal obligations.

SuperFriend offers innovative, evidence-based advice, programs and guidance to help you improve the culture of your workplace.

These Programs will increase the capacity of your workplace by promoting an environment that is supportive, cohesive and respectful, which ultimately enables workers to be more engaged, positive, and effective at work.

(1) State of the Global Workplace Report 2013, Gallup

They include:

Mental Health & Wellbeing Training for staff and managers (program)

SuperFriend’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for staff and managers provides employees with the confidence, skills, strategies and tools to ensure they are supported, safe and productive at work.

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This resource identifies for the first time what success looks like – the key, measurable characteristics of a mentally healthy workplace. The distance between the desired-state and the current-state across Australian workplaces was then measured through a national quantitative survey.

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