SuperFit Mates


SuperFit Mates is an innovative workplace peer support training program that teaches and empowers employees to become mentors to support the mental health of their colleagues and promote positive wellbeing in the organisation.

The program is currently administered and delivered by our external service provider. For more information please enquire using the form below.



  • Builds the organisation’s capability and capacity to provide support to employees in need
  • Creates opportunities for early intervention and better outcomes
  • Affects cultural change in the workplace in relation to mental health by promoting and encouraging dialogue and communication
  • More educated workforce about mental health, de-stigmatisation of mental illness and available mental health services

SuperFit Mates is structured in three parts over a five-month period

1 Mentor Training

An experienced SuperFit Mates trainer, who is a psychologist, teaches a team of up to 15 employees how to become mental health mentors. They learn:

  • Mental health awareness including suicidality, stress, anxiety, depression
  • How to initiate dialogue and communicate about mental health or life stressors
  • How to promote and support mental health in the workplace
  • How to encourage and support people to access services
  • Strategies to support a colleague, friend or family member experiencing a mental health condition
  • Boundaries, where the role of mentor begins and ends

2 Mentor Debrief

A mentor debrief session (up to 3 hours) takes place one month after the initial mentor training and gives mentors the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their experiences as mentors.

3 Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is available to the mentors for up to one hour per month (on a group basis, for a maximum of three hours), for 2-3 months following the debrief session.

SuperFit Mates is a program delivered in partnership with CommuniCorp Group.

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