More than a fruitbowl: a podcast series

While providing fresh fruit and the odd yoga class for staff are important contributors to a well workforce, employers are beginning to realise that these one-off initiatives are only a small part of the wellbeing picture.

Thriving workplaces occur when mentally healthy practices are embedded into the DNA of an organisation – from policy and practice to the way people greet each other in the hallway.

Our ‘More than a Fruitbowl’ podcast series will provide short, sharp episodes for you to download information quickly and on the go! Episodes will provide quick take-aways that people leaders and anyone responsible for the wellbeing of employees can easily apply in their own organisation.


Episode 2: Work-related fatigue

10.48mins: 29 March 2019
Professor Drew Dawson, Director of the Appleton Institute – Central Queensland University 

In March, SuperFriend – together with our Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration partners VicHealth and WorkSafe Victoria – hosted another breakfast event for leaders, people managers and HR roles.

This event was focussed around sleep-related fatigue and featured a presentation by Professor Drew Dawson. Professor Dawson is internationally recognised for his contributions in the areas of sleep and fatigue research, organisational psychology and human behaviour, and the effects of sleep loss on the health and well-being of employees.

We sat down with him to find out more about the duties of employers when it comes to the sleep of workers.

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Episode 1: A positive psychology approach

6.02mins: 23 November 2018
Celia Burrows, (now former Workwell program designer – wellbeing on call, WorkSafe Victoria and SuperFriend)

In this episode, SuperFriend’s Digital Communications Specialist, Claire Dellora talks with Celia about:

  • positive psychology in a workplace setting
  • wellbeing as a ‘construct’
  • finding meaning and purpose in what we do
  • how workers can assess their own levels of wellbeing at work
  • what a mentally healthy workplace looks like
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Podcast resources:

Building Thriving Workplaces: Guidelines and actions (order or download here)
Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing and unlocking organisational performance

Celia Burrows created this resource which describes a positive approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing. In the podcast Celia also refers to Tony LaMontagne’s ‘Integrated model of workplace wellbeing’ which can be found on page 6.

PERMA(H) Test 
Visit here to access the PERMA(H) test which will allow you and your colleagues to assess your own levels of wellbeing at work so you are able to adjust your conditions accordingly as much as possible to increase your level of wellbeing. 

P – Positive Emotion – feeling good

E – Engagement – finding flow

R – Relationships – authentic connection

M – Meaning – purposeful existence

A – Accomplishments – achievement

Tom Rath: Three questions for finding contribution
Building the meaning and purpose you can gain from your work

  1. What are the defining roles you play in life?
  2. What have been your most important life experiences?
  3. What are the greatest contributions you CAN make?