Why focus on mental health at work?

03 July 2018

Mentally healthy workplaces are vital; however, it can be difficult to know how to start creating and fostering this aspect of your organisational culture.

SuperFriend’s programs guide organisational leaders through the implementation of positive, effective and evidence-based changes. We have delivered our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training to hundreds of individuals, helping to find answers to questions such as:

  • what are the mental health initiatives the business is doing well?
  • where is there opportunity to improve?
  • what changes can be made for the greatest impact?
  • what are the mental ill health measures the organisation needs to address?

Mentally healthy workplaces: increase employee engagement, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and decrease turnover. These actions might be small, however every targeted investment towards a mentally healthy workplace culture creates an immense financial benefit. These impacts are measured in improved productivity, reduced sick leave and increased work output. For every dollar invested in supporting employees’ mental health, a $2.30 return in improved productivity is gained.

It’s a legal obligation

Organisations are legally obliged to provide a safe and healthy workplace, which encompasses both physical and mental health. The workplace is often seen as a safety risk but work can also be a protective factor for an individual’s mental health. SuperFriend provides interventions to improve mental health and wellbeing through reducing work’s harmful aspects and promoting its positive sides.

Such positive aspects include teammate support (read more in our Peer Support Booklet) and the ability to hold conversations during difficult times (our online learning program, Managing Bereavement, Grief and Loss shows how this can be done). Australian businesses lose over $6.5 billion annually by failing to assist employees with mental health challenges.

It is likely some of your employees are experiencing mental health challenges right now, ranging from stress to diagnosed mental illnesses. They are not required to disclose these struggles to their employer, so a broad approach is required to ensure your organisation supports and promotes employees’ wellbeing.


45 per cent of people experience a mental health condition in their lifetime[1]
25% of workers say they take time off each year for stress-related reasons[2]


You get more out of your employees when they are mentally healthy. Contact SuperFriend for more information on our range of resources and programs: (03) 9615 8600 or info@superfriend.com.au



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[2] http://www.hru.uts.edu.au/docs/conditions/mental_ill_guide.pdf