A video/podcast series: Workplace Wellbeing

22 November 2018

Welcome to the first episode of SuperFriend’s video/podcast series. The series is designed to give you quick tips and easy take-aways to consume on the go and immediately apply in your own organisation.


Episode 1: A positive psychology approach, 6.02mins: 23 November 2018
Celia Burrows, Program Manager: Workplace Positive Psychology & Wellbeing

In this episode, SuperFriend’s Digital Communications Specialist, Claire Dellora talks with Celia about:

  • positive psychology in a workplace setting
  • wellbeing as a ‘construct’
  • finding meaning and purpose in what we do
  • how workers can assess their own levels of wellbeing at work
  • what a mentally healthy workplace looks like
Listen now!


Podcast resources:

Building Thriving Workplaces: Guidelines and actions (order or download here)
Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing and unlocking organisational performance

Celia Burrows created this resource which describes a positive approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing. In the podcast Celia also refers to Tony LaMontagne’s ‘Integrated model of workplace wellbeing’ which can be found on page 6.








PERMA(H) Test 
Visit here to access the PERMA(H) test which will allow you and your colleagues to assess your own levels of wellbeing at work so you are able to adjust your conditions accordingly as much as possible to increase your level of wellbeing. 

P – Positive Emotion – feeling good

E – Engagement – finding flow

R – Relationships – authentic connection

M – Meaning – purposeful existence

A – Accomplishments – achievement


Tom Rath: Three questions for finding contribution
Building the meaning and purpose you can gain from your work

  1. What are the defining roles you play in life?
  2. What have been your most important life experiences?
  3. What are the greatest contributions you CAN make?