Are you a positive leader?

25 January 2019

Leaders work with their teams using a strengths-based and coaching mindset. They are positive role models and set an example for healthy and productive workplace behaviours and interactions. Organisations should understand the importance of education, resources, time and tools to develop capable leaders.

This is what we have reported in SuperFriend’s 2018 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace report. The 40 scientifically-validated indicators that are found in thriving workplaces are an excellent place for people-leaders to assess the strength of their own leadership. Eight of these indicators specifically relate to the role of leaders but as you will see in our next story, the best leaders will engage with all 40 indicators.


Positive leadership checklist:

1. Leaders are accessible when you need them and will listen.
2. There is a clear expectation that all leaders should role model the values of the workplace.
3. To improve work performance, leaders provide useful and constructive feedback.
4. Leaders create a sense of cohesion within work teams.
5. Leaders can be seen to proactively encourage and promote good mental health policies and practices.
6. Leaders actively provide opportunities to develop professionally.
7. Leaders act as champions for their work teams.
8. Reward and recognition are received for good work.


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