Are you concerned about an employee?

14 October 2016

Read the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Workers with Mental Illness: A Practical Guide for Managers 

One in five working age Australians will experience a mental health condition this year.

Some of these people will work with you and need your support as they navigate common conditions such as depression and anxiety, and a range of other mental illnesses.

You may have an employee whom you are concerned about. There are many signs that someone is experiencing mental health challenges, including stress, sadness, anger and irritability, or a change in their usual behaviour.

There are actions you can take to support an employee or work colleague who is struggling. Some of the things you can do include:

  • keep an eye on them and regularly touch base to listen and support
  • provide flexible work options that keep employees linked to the social networks and health benefits of the workplace
  • encourage the person to seek professional help
  • educate yourself about mental health and wellbeing by undertaking formal Training

If you need urgent support, please visit Lifeline’s website or call 13 11 14.