Influencing change to create opportunities

27 June 2018

Nothing stays the same for long these days – and that includes in the workplace. Change is now a familiar occurrence in working life and periods of transformation occur more often than they used to.

Naturally, change can raise questions about the future and create feelings of both uncertainty and anxiety. Ultimately, it is important to remember that your workplace is embarking on the transformation to benefit everyone, and they want to support you throughout the process.

The word “change” is only one letter away from “chance” – and it really is an opportunity for everyone to rethink how things are done and improve them. Is there a newly created job that you think would suit your talents – or could there be? Is there a new opportunity for professional training and development? Is there a better way of doing a challenging part of your job? Can you meet with different people to discuss improvements to the way you work together?

The pull to focus on the negative aspects of change that are affecting you on a regular basis can be strong, but flipping your thinking to the opportunities can be a helpful way to manage the change process – and create new possibilities.

Even if some old problems still remain during this period of change, it may be a good time to think about them in a new way, and a great opportunity to raise them with your employer. Change is about moving towards an improved version of the present and that includes solving existing problems. Now is the time to point out any ongoing issues and work out ongoing solutions with the help of those around you.

If you are experiencing a mental health issue or have in the past, transitioning through change can feel even more intensified. It may be worthwhile spending some extra time with your employer to ensure you have all the knowledge and tools you need to continue your work. They may be able to help you break the change down into smaller, incremental steps and understand further why the changes will be positive in the long run.

What can you influence? 

A positive way to manage the uncertainty that change can bring is by focusing on how you can influence the process to ensure the best parts of the work are taken into the future. Periods of transition are opportune times to focus on what you think the future should look like. What has been done well in the past that you can build on into the future? How should things work in the ‘new world’ and what needs to be done to get there?

We know change can be difficult, especially if you have been doing the same thing for a long period of time. It is however, inevitable, especially in our fast-paced world, and no organisation can stay the same in this new global economy with its ever-changing technology.

What is not inevitable is your reaction to change. Remember to keep up the communication and provide feedback wherever possible. Where communication is open, the transition through change can be a beneficial one for both you and your employer.


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