Time and cost-effective ways to improve employee wellbeing

19 September 2018

Improving the wellbeing of your workers doesn’t have to be complicated, formal or take up a lot of time. The most important thing to do is make a start, no matter how small, and build from there.

There are a number of quick, cost-effective initiatives that any small organisation can pick up today and implement in their own organisation.


Find out what you’re already doing to boost the wellbeing of your staff

There are a multitude of actions that smaller organisations often take without even realising these are positive mental health steps, such as:

  • providing a break-out area for employees to connect and chat over lunch
  • flexible work arrangements such as leaving early to pick up children
  • sending flowers to employees when they are off work due to death in the family
  • regular check-in meetings to see how employees are going
  • providing opportunities to learn and share knowledge with one another
  • celebrating employees’ successes

Ask staff what would improve their wellbeing at work

This could take the form of a survey or even a casual chat. You could always provide them with some ideas to get them thinking. It is important for your employees to feel heard, and as though your interest is genuine and, crucially, that the information they provide is followed up on!


Learn from the experts

Register to watch SuperFriend’s free workplace wellbeing webinars which provide practical advice for employers and previous webinars can be viewed straight away!


Put mental health on the table

Lead by example and communicate that management would like to create an environment where all employees feel valued and safe to be open about their mental health. You could start by sharing SuperFriend’s Peer Support Booklet with staff to provide them with practical suggestions for listening to and supporting work colleagues who may be experiencing mental health challenges.


Take a ‘positive mental health’ approach

Download the Building Thriving Workplaces resource for free. These guidelines help employers to develop workplace environments where all employees can thrive and reach their optimal potential, resulting in greater employee engagement and productivity.


Review policies and practices through a wellbeing lens

Look at any policies you may have through a wellbeing lens – could they be tweaked to better enhance wellbeing? Are they employee centric, inclusive, and in line with best practice?
Tips on policy can be found in Building Thriving Workplaces.


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