Could your workplace be a Great Place to Work?

16 May 2017

Do your employers want to be rated one of Australia’s Best Places to Work? Promoting positive mental health and well-being can help them make the cut. What are some of the ways the best Australian workplaces, as ranked by the Great Place to Work Institute, have fostered positive mental health among their employees?

11.    A supportive workplace culture is one of the best ways employers can help promote positive mental wellbeing. For example, IT firm InfoTrack has its core values written in large letters on a wall, including “we care about the people we work with”. But it can be as simple as employers providing afternoon tea when specific business goals are met or encouraging everyone to whip around for a baby present.


2.   Employers providing flexible working options shows they are prepared to help with the often challenging work-life balance. Working from home, working remotely and working a wide range of different hours around other commitments, such as family and sport, are all viable options. IT company Salesforce even give their staff seven annual volunteering days.

3.   Employers rewarding great work can also make an employee feel really valued. The Physio Co’s founder Tristan White has implemented a monthly employee rewards program but makes sure it recognises the individual’s specific contribution so the recognition is really personalised.


4.   Being pro-active about employees’ mental health can be a great way to show they are supported and valued. Some firms, such as consultant engineering firm The Nova Group, provides free counselling services while regular mental health workshops or even just talking about mental health in the workplace can all help.

SuperFriend’s Wellbeing Works program can help your employers assess their organisation’s mental health. The 90-minute interactive workshop looks at what they are currently doing well and providing even more positive steps forward. Our mental health and wellbeing training can also help managers and staff support individuals with a mental illness and build resilience.

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