Benefits of being a Partner

We work closely with each of our Partners to support them in improving the mental health of their own staff and workplace, by providing their employer organisations and members with opportunities to improve the mental health of their workplaces

By partnering with SuperFriend, funds are able to add value to their employer and member relationships by offering:

  • Multi-employer events which provide an opportunity for funds to invite employers to learn more about SuperFriend and the benefits of a mentally healthy workplace
  • Relationship Manager Briefings for employer services Relationship Managers, designed to keep them informed of SuperFriend’s latest offerings. These briefings are followed up with electronic resources to support the introduction of SuperFriend to employers
  • The latest tips and advice around workplace mental health and wellbeing via SuperFriend’s monthly newsletter, SuperFriend News (which you can sign-up for here) and our Social Media sites:

A number of SuperFriend programs are available to SuperFriend Partners free of charge. In addition, Partners are also able to provide feedback and input into the development of SuperFriend’s programs to suit their specific needs or respond to their members most at risk of poor mental health. Here is a more in-depth look at the benefits of partnering with SuperFriend.

Program/Resource Partner Fund Partner Group Insurer Associated Employer Administrator (Fund team staff)
Access to free unlimited SuperFriend Mental Health & Wellbeing Training X X X
Free workplace assessment: Wellbeing Works X X X X
Free Managing Bereavement, Grief & Loss online module X X
Free resources to support the mental health of individuals and workplaces X X X X
Free access to SuperFriend’s content library for member communications and education X X X
Access to the latest international workplace mental health research & insights X X X X
Opportunities for participation in program development X X
Employer visits and events X
SuperFriend mental health and wellbeing Training and support for Relationship Managers X
Dedicated Relationship Manager X X
Half yearly Partner reporting and Board presentation X X


Partner with SuperFriend

Partnership with SuperFriend is open to any profit-to-member superannuation fund in Australia.

If you would like to partner with SuperFriend please call our Partner Relationship Team on (03) 9615 8602, or email