Suicide Prevention Australia & the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) is the peak body for suicide prevention in Australia, representing over 240 Members and Associates.

As a member of SPA, SuperFriend works to build a stronger suicide prevention sector, a more aware and engaged community, and a more effective regulatory and funding environment.

Through our active membership, the SuperFriend team works with SPA on numerous system-wide change initiatives via monthly Policy Round-ups and broader strategic discussions where we look to leverage each other’s strengths to bring about positive change in Australian workplaces and beyond.

In addition to our SPA membership, SuperFriend is a member of the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention (NCSP), alongside more than 90 other organisations.

The NCSP has agreed to adopt the principles of collective impact which requires organisations within the diverse suicide prevention and mental health sectors, as well as business and government (cross-portfolio), to commit to a common agenda, shared goals and measures, and a reporting framework under which all participants operate. Importantly, participating organisations align their programs to this agenda – resulting in a greater voice and ensuring accelerated progress towards the agreed goals and resolution.

SuperFriend added its voice to SPA and NCSP advocacy which saw, for the first time, all major party’s policies and plans specifically include suicide prevention.