Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration

The Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration (VWMWC) is a collaboration between VicHealth, SuperFriend and Worksafe Victoria that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing in Victorian workplaces. The Collaboration focuses its efforts on workplace leadership to create and sustain positive and supportive work cultures and environments, encouraging the implementation of wellbeing strategies that enhance existing policies and processes.

Since its inception in 2014, the Collaboration has hosted a series of leadership breakfasts in Melbourne and practical masterclasses in Traralgon, in the Latrobe Valley. Each event has focused on a different topic relevant to workplace mental health, supported by a range of industry experts who have delivered keynote presentations and participated in engaging panel discussions.

The Collaboration aims to further support workplace mental health and wellbeing through a comprehensive online Resource Centre which is home to a series of videos, success stories, research papers and guidelines, activities and tips.

In February 2018, the Collaboration released a review of Australian and international progress in promoting workplace mental health titled What Works to Promote Workplace Mental Wellbeing. The review looked at policy development and interventions that have proved effective. Evidence from the last five years, in countries with economies similar to Australia, was researched by a team of academics who specialise in workplace mental wellbeing.



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