Strategic Support & Consulting

We know workplace wellbeing can be a complex minefield, particularly in the early stages of an organisation’s workplace wellbeing journey. SuperFriend offers end-to-end consulting services to all organisations to help guide them through this process – at whatever stage they’re at!

Having expert advice to navigate the plethora of workplace mental health and safety resources and strategies provides employers with the assurance that the approach they are taking is based on the specific needs of their organisation, the latest evidence, and is compliant with their state’s workplace health and safety laws and guidelines.

SuperFriend applies a positive mental health approach to all our work. Workplace wellbeing comes down to the people who make up an organisation, and people respond most effectively when their strengths are engaged. We focus on what is working really well in your workplace – and build on those areas. You might be surprised by how many activities the organisation is already doing to contribute to the wellbeing of your people!

We work with employers through a consultative approach to:

  • assess their current mental wellbeing strengths and opportunities for development
  • build a mental health and wellbeing strategy
  • create mental health and wellbeing-related policies and plans that comply with OH&S laws.

Workplace mental health consulting support - our approach

Leadership commitment and active involvement in workplace mental health is critical to successful implementation. SuperFriend will help raise the awareness of senior leaders’ legal obligations and outline the evidence based benefits to creating a mentally healthy workplace. 

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to a mental health and wellbeing strategy. Through assessment of existing policies, programs, supports and practices and including qualitative stakeholder interviews, SuperFriend will provide a detailed gap analysis and roadmap to inform development of your workplace mental health strategy.   

SuperFriend will develop a comprehensive mental health and wellbeing strategy including indicators to measure outcomes and progress and support continuous improvement. Strategic objectives and recommended interventions are based on unique organisational needs with priorities recommended and aligned to what is appropriate, feasible and of value to the workplace.

Our Solutions Managers will work collaboratively with staff, leaders, and other key stakeholders to develop an action plan tailored to the organisation, including evidence-informed, achievable actions.

Successful implementation relies on collaboration, communication and leadership. In addition to offering a suite of workplace programs and resources, SuperFriend will work in close unison with internal resources and service providers as required to build positive, supportive and productive workplaces. 

Regular monitoring and review is vital to the sustainability of a mental health strategy and key to continuous improvement. SuperFriend will work with organisations to provide up to date information necessary to review and update strategies, and adjust actions accordingly, ensuring a cycle of continuous improvement.

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