Indicators of a Thriving Workplace

The 2017 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey is the latest research produced by SuperFriend which measures the current state of workplace mental health and wellbeing in Australia.

This is the third year this research has been conducted to track the progress of Australian workplaces towards the optimal state of a mentally healthy workplace using 38 desired state indicators. In this edition, over 5,000 workers across Australia from different business sizes, industries and locations were surveyed.

Indicators of a Thriving Workplace: Work in Progress Survey 2017

The results provide a snapshot of the state of workplace mental health and wellbeing in Australia and have uncovered new insights which are presented in the following key domains:

  • Leadership
  • Connectedness
  • Policies and Practices, and
  • Organisational Culture and Capabilities

This year the report also provides a set of evidence based actions for each of these key domains to help you build a thriving workplace.

Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Profile Reports

A series of profile reports have been generated from the 2017 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey. These short reports segment the data by industry and location and present a snapshot of results benchmarking against the national results.

These short reports are only available for soft copy download below.

Indicators of a Thriving Workplace – Webinar

Presented by Dr Nerida Joss, this webinar presents the key findings from the 2017 survey and the trends we are observing across Australia. The webinar also provides practical evidence based strategies to improve workplace mental health related to these indicators.

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