Managing Bereavement, Grief and Loss booklets

Everyone experiences loss throughout their life, whether it be  a pet, a loved one, a house, a relationship or the after effects of a traumatic event. At any time, one in 10 employees are likely to be affected¹ and, if left unaddressed, grief can have a major impact on someone’s personal and working lives.

A fear of saying or doing the wrong thing can be a barrier to colleagues supporting each other during times of loss. Concerned colleagues are often too afraid of saying the wrong thing and instead say nothing which we know can be the most harmful option.

SuperFriend’s ‘Managing Bereavement, Grief and Loss’ booklets help to equip employees and employers with the skills and confidence to support themselves and their colleagues experiencing loss, and educate them about the helpful and harmful actions to take during this time.

These booklets include information for:

  • colleagues who wish to support a workmate through grief or loss
  • managers leading a workplace when someone has experienced grief or loss
  • those experiencing grief or loss

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1 McGuinness, B (2009) Grief in the workplace: developing a bereavement policy. Bereavement Care 28 (1) 2-8


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