Work in Progress (WIP) 2015

There is now a measurable, auditable way for organisations to determine their progress towards achieving a mentally healthy workplace and to benchmark themselves against the inaugural WORK IN PROGRESS national desired-state profile.

SuperFriend is committed to supporting research and an evidence-based approach to improving workplace mental health for the benefit of individuals and the organisations in which they work. This project identified for the first time what success looks like – the key, measurable characteristics of a mentally healthy workplace. The distance between the desired-state identified as part of WORK IN PROGRESS and the current-state across Australian workplaces was then measured through a national quantitative survey.

This booklet includes:

We are thrilled to be able to present a snapshot of workplace mental health and wellbeing in WORK IN PROGRESS 2015. We say snapshot, as the survey results capture one point in time on the continuing journey towards achieving optimal mental health in the workplace. As you will see from these results, there is a challenge ahead for organisations, large and small, but there is also now a clear picture of what success looks like, which will enable a focused and systemic approach to achieving success.

We encourage all employers to consider integrating the 38 desired-state characteristics into existing or new metrics within their organisations and to take action on the priorities identified. In order to monitor how Australian workplaces are progressing toward success at the macro level – the desired-state defined in the 2015 report – SuperFriend will publish annual WORK in PROGRESS national snapshots.

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