Danielle Raven

Program Manager, Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing

Danielle is SuperFriend's Program Manager, Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Danielle brings SuperFriend a passion for creating and supporting thriving workplaces through a focus on culture and wellbeing developed through over 10 years’ experience as a learning and organisational development practitioner in the finance sector.

Through her role as Program Manager, Danielle supports workplaces and their employees to flourish using the latest evidence in workplace mental health promotion to create and implement strategic organisational development programs and initiatives that benefit workplaces and positively influence leadership, policies and practices, connectedness, capability and culture. Danielle is a qualified and highly skilled facilitator, instructional designer and communicator, with extensive experience in employee engagement, leadership development, performance and change management.  Outside of work, Danielle loves to travel and can usually be found planning or preparing for her next adventure.