Thriving Workplaces Kickstarter

Thriving Workplaces Kickstarter is a free, eight week online program designed to support organisations in kickstarting the process of building and sustaining a mentally healthy, thriving workplace.



Workplace mini assessment

The program begins with an assessment of how your organisation is performing across the five essential domains of a thriving workplace: leadership, connectedness, policy, capability and culture.

The ten questions asked are based on the top indicators identified in SuperFriend’s annual Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey. The resulting dashboard report provides participants with a high-level indication of their workplace’s current status, as well as identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Ongoing support

Following the online assessment, participants will receive a five-part online toolkit, delivered fortnightly over eight weeks, containing the latest evidence-informed information, tips and actions  for embedding positive change in your workplace Each installment includes support materials for driving positive change, and practical tools and activities to apply across the five domains of thriving workplaces.

To participate

If you need more information before you start, please email or call 03 9615 8661.



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