SuperFriend supports research and an evidence-based approach to improving workplace mental health. The following resources have been produced by SuperFriend in conjunction with mental health experts to provide simple, practical information to assist you to build a thriving workplace.



SuperFriend has curated the following resources for you to use through this difficult period. We hope you find them useful, and stay safe!

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Bushfire support resources

As bushfires continue to devastate our beautiful country, we extend our thoughts and deepest sympathies to all people and communities who have been affected by the bushfire crisis. 

We have developed resources to assist employers in providing appropriate support to their employees.

Learn about the short-term, intermediate and long-term phases of a crisis, what to expect and practical ways to support your people and customers. 

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New research: 2019 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace

Through this annual national study, we have pinpointed actions most likely to help workers and workplaces thrive. We have also highlighted industries and groups of workers most at-risk—giving employers a clear and comprehensive roadmap for intervention. Download the Indicators of a Thriving Workplace 2019 Suvery, analysing insights from over 10,000 Australian workers in a broad range of industries and occupations, via the link. 

Key findings from this year’s Report include:

  • The 2019 national ‘thriving workplace’ score is 62.7 out of 100, steady from last year
  • More than half of Australia’s workers have experienced a mental health condition
  • Two in five of these workers believe their workplace caused the condition or made it worse
  • 1 in 5 workers find their job very or extremely stressful
  • Workload and deadlines are the top causes of stress nationally
  • The most common barrier to achieving a thriving workplace is lack of appropriate skills in managers


Building Thriving Workplaces: Guidelines and Actions

This resource provides practical information on five evidence-based characteristics known as ‘domains’– Leadership, Connectedness, Policy, Capability, and Culture – which are essential for creating positive and thriving workplaces. These guidelines equip readers with evidence and a business case for building thriving workplaces, as well as simple, cost effective ideas to action. 

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TAKING ACTION - A Best Practice Framework for the Management of Psychological Claims

This resource and its Action Area guidelines provide a roadmap of practical recommendations for insurers to improve the psychological and financial outcomes for the person on claim and the insurer.


Peer Support Booklet

This booklet helps individuals to learn more about mental health and how to get help for yourself or a friend or colleague. It provides a number of practical suggestions for listening to and supporting work colleagues.


Looking After You

Most of us are juggling multiple roles in our lives, and many of these typically involve caring for others. Making self-care a priority with “the life juggle” can be tricky, so to help, we’ve put together this resource packed with simple, easy and free ways you can inject more care for yourself into each and every day.  


Resources for contact centres

Since October 2018, we’ve been working on a pilot program aimed at protecting and promoting the mental health and wellbeing of Victorian contact centre workers – funded through WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund. As a result, we’ve developed a suite of practical resources and activities to help contact centres thrive, as well as a series of videos sharing the positive wellbeing outcomes that contact centre workers experienced throughout the program.


Resources to help you retire well

To guide you through the transition to retirement, you may find these support avenues, reading material and professional services useful.

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White Paper: Behind the scenes in Australian Life Insurance claims management

After spending months behind the scenes with major Australian insurers and reinsurers, we have developed these insights which highlight several key approaches found to result in better outcomes for people on claim and claims workers. Behind the scenes in Australian Life Insurance claims management is suitable for anyone working in the insurance sector, but particularly for those with claims-focussed roles.



Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace - Guidelines for Organisations

Guidelines containing actionable strategies that organisations, teams and individuals can use to promote positive mental health in and through the workplace. Rather than focusing on the reducing the negative impacts that the work environment can have on employees and organisations, promoting positive mental health in the workplace develops environments where employees can flourish and reach their optimal potential. This resource explains how. 


Suicide and Mental Illness Language Guide

Stigma is one of the biggest barriers to people seeking help for mental health issues as it forces people to keep quiet about their mental health which can have damaging and dangerous consequences. The language we use is a large contributor to that stigma and we can all help to reduce the stigma by ensuring we are speaking about mental health respectfully. This resource can be printed off for your work desk!


Managing Bereavement Grief and Loss Booklets

‘Managing Bereavement, Grief and Loss’ booklets equip employees and employers with the skills and confidence to support themselves and colleagues experiencing life’s inevitable losses, including relationships, pets, loved ones and houses. It educates about the helpful and harmful actions of support to take during this time.


Preventing suicide in rural areas: resource centre

SuperFriend’s recommended resources to assist in the support of people at risk of, or affected by, suicide in rural areas. These resources look at Mental Health First Aid guidelines, supporting someone through financial difficulties, conversations and information for people who are supporting someone after a suicide attempt.


Resource Centre - best practice guidelines, case studies and practical tools (Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration)

Practical resources to ensure you’re accessing the highest quality information and advice around promoting positive mental wellbeing in your workplace. These resources meet strict standards of SuperFriend and our government and regulator partners, VicHealth and WorkSafe Victoria.  They will help organisations to build a workplace environment that is supportive, cohesive and respectful, which ultimately enables workers to be more engaged, positive, and effective. 

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2018 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace

The 2018 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace report is the fourth edition of SuperFriend’s annual workplace mental health survey. This edition surveyed over 5,000 Australian workers across different industries, business size, and work roles, against 40 scientifically-validated characteristics that indicate that a workplace is thriving. These indicators are presented across five essential domains: leadership, connectedness, policy, capability and culture. Organisations can use these indicators to gauge the mental health of their own workplace and prioritise their own areas of focus for action.