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Why Take SuperFriend Training?

One in five Australians will experience a mental illness in any given year. Is your organisation equipped to identify and appropriately respond to them?

SuperFriend facilitates specialist mental health training for staff from Partner Funds, Group Life Insurers and administrators to enable them to confidently “step into” conversations with members who may be in distress, at risk or experiencing a mental health issue.

Our specialist mental health training is designed to help build the capacity of your organisation to improve member experience and more effectively handle mental illness claims and issues.  SuperFriend has training modules designed to up-skill your workforce around mental health, and to develop ‘workplace champions’ who can support and mentor other staff in these areas for sustainable benefits.

Staff who participate develop skills around identifying common signs of mental illness and suicidal behaviour and learn best practice approaches for communicating with members who may be affected. Furthermore, the training teaches staff simple and effective ways to take care of themselves when dealing with sensitive and often confronting information and situations.

To date SuperFriend has facilitated  training of over 700 sector staff in this very important area, with many organisations in the superannuation sector recognising that by investing in the skills and resources of their staff they are investing in their organisation’s future, which ultimately benefits their members.

To find out more about SuperFriend's Mental Health & Wellbeing Training or to make an enquiry about hosting training in your organisation please click here.

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