MySuperFriend, our online learning platform, provides a wide variety of fresh, interactive mental health and wellbeing training modules and resources for staff, which can be blended with facilitated workshops to embed skills and capabilities.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Training -
MySuperfriend FAQs

Access requirements

The first time you access MySuperFriend you need a registration key, this is provided to your organisation’s booking contact for distribution via email. If you cannot locate the key, please email and a SuperFriend representative will provide you the details of the registration key applicable for you.

Your username is your work email address that you used during the initial registration process.

You can reset your password from the home screen of MySuperFriend. The reset details will be sent through to your registered email address. If you need any assistance please email and a SuperFriend representative will set a temporary password for you to login.

MySuperFriend is available to your 24/7 to access as per your convenience.

MySuperFriend is available to anyone who purchases a course, either as an individual with a single-user or an organisation with multiple-users. SuperFriend Partners and their staff have access to the platform without a payment required.

If your organisation doesn’t have access to MySuperFriend, please contact us and our team will with work you to understand your needs and help enable your access to the appropriate solution via MySuperFriend.

MySuperFriend can be accessed by the device of your choice, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Data security is one of, if not the top concern for existing and potential customers of MySuperFriend. The platform you’re using for learning is SOC2 compliant. Successfully completing the SOC2 Type 2 examinations for Security and Availability is offered only after demonstrating effective implementation of:

  • Network/application firewalls
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Intrusion detection
  • Performance monitoring
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security incident handling

MySuperFriend logs you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is to ensure (in case you have moved away from actively engaging with the system) you are logged out to avoid any inadvertent use of your profile and learning activity.

Email us at and we can update your email address so you can still see all of your completed courses.

You can access each purchased course for 12 months, after which your access will expire unless you re-purchase the course.

The service fee is based on the number of enrolments purchased and any discount applied (discounts are available for organisations associated with one of SuperFriend’s Partners). Contact us for a quote.

No refund is possible once the user has accessed the MySuperFriend platform, except where consumer law requires.

Using MySuperFriend

The LMS contains online learning (e-learning) courses and learning/training resources.

A course can be either a number of modules wholly delivered online, or a combination of online modules and a facilitated workshop with enrolment done through MySuperFriend.

A resource is supporting collateral aligned to the learning objectives of the course, resources on MySuperFriend are articles, journals, documents, presentations, podcasts, videos, webinars.

Resources on MySuperFriend can be articles, journals, documents, presentations, podcasts, videos, webinars, guides, tip sheets, escalation paths.

General resources on MySuperFriend are available to all learners. Some resources may be restricted to a specific course. These resources are only applicable to learning on those specific courses and will be available to learners registered on the specific courses.

If no results are coming when you search for specific keywords, the material could’ve been discontinued and no longer in use. If you feel there’s something not quite right please email and we will assist you in your queries.

There is an opportunity at the end of every module for you to provide feedback to help us improve the MySuperFriend experience.

MySuperFriend has a number of different courses all focused on mental health and wellbeing. Some of these courses are specific to improve personal skills and knowledge and some are aligned to workplace roles and responsibilities.

When you launch an e-learning course, it opens a popup window. Make sure that the popup blocker on your browser is disabled. Once you have disabled the browser popup blocker, relaunch the e-learning course.

Yes. Your progress will be bookmarked by MySuperFriend and you can proceed from where you left off the next time you access the course.

On the My Profile page, click on Completed to view courses you have completed or click on In Progress to view courses you have not completed.

You will be able to print a completion certificate when you are logged into MySuperFriend.

MySuperFriend Support

For urgent assistance please phone 03 9615 8661, or drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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