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Partner Benefits

For Funds & Insurers:

  • Investment in preventative system level change
  • Improved outcomes for members and employers
  • Reduced cost of mental health claims burden on the system

For Employers:

  • Improved employee retention
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Reduced mental health claims
  • Reduced absenteeism
For Members:
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Increased longevity at work 
  • Reduced insurance premium outcomes
  • Generational benefits to families



Through our data, we found that the more psychologically harmful experiences that occur at work, the lower a workplaces safety score. Move the slider to see how harmful experiences impact a workplaces safety score.

... Safety Score

Safety is one of the 5 Domains used to measure how thriving workplaces are. Safety scores have a significant impact on absenteeism and employee retention.

... Harmful Experiences

Harmful experiences can include harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence. It's important for employers to spend time on improving their Capability and have measures in place to protect staff from psychosocial risk.

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"The ‘Indicators of a Thriving Workplace 2023 Key Insights Report’ provides the platform for our AustralianSuper Workplace Partnership team to engage with clients on their employee health and wellbeing strategy. With the war on talent alive and well, it is more important than ever for employers to have deliberate and informed strategies to attract, retain and nurture employees. The Report and supporting SuperFriend services, help employers gain a greater understanding of the key components of employee wellbeing, understand the maturity of their program and what the appropriate next steps are to build organisational capabilities. One way organisations build capability is through trusted partnerships and that’s where we’ve found we can add value. Whether that be through delivering financial wellbeing or superannuation education to help employees make better decisions and manage financial stress."

- Rose Kerlin, Chief Member Officer, Australian Super 

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Training and Education

SuperFriend offer workplace mental health training options designed to promote individual wellbeing and increase shared understanding of its importance within organisations. Our courses provide an excellent introduction to workplace mental health and wellbeing and a strong foundation for further learning. Mental health literacy such as these courses help to reduce stigma, increase empathy and can be applied well beyond the workplace.


Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Ross Iles

Chief Research Officer

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Dr Natalie
Flatt, Ph.D

Chief Mental Health Advisor

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Dr. Denise

Chief Customer Growth Officer

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Darren Black,


Events Page Speaker Images - Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson

Workplace Mental Health Advisor

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