What are SuperFriend's Think Tanks?

Explore fresh perspectives and spark innovation with SuperFriend's exclusive Think Tanks.
Leveraging insights from extensive industry research, we curate dynamic three-hour discussions on workplace mental health trends across our five Domains. Leaders come together to address current organisational challenges, transcending traditional networking to exchange unique insights and foster collaboration.
These sessions generate rich qualitative data, reinforcing our commitment to innovating workplace wellbeing. The resulting research paper blends clinical expertise with actionable insights, paving the way for transformative mental health strategies tailored to your industry.

How are our Think Tanks invaluable for industries?

    • Insight Generation: create a space for leaders to share experiences, ideas, and insights, often yielding innovative solutions to industry-specific challenges.
    • Networking & Collaboration: unite diverse minds and expertise, fostering collaboration among leaders who might not otherwise interact. This networking can lead to progressive partnerships.
    • Data Collection & Analysis: through discussions, our Think Tanks collect qualitative data, invaluable for understanding trends, identifying gaps, and informing strategic decisions.
    • Innovation Hub: act as catalysts for innovation, inspiring new strategies and initiatives. Diverse perspectives and shared knowledge within our Think Tanks can spark creative approaches to longstanding issues.
    • Actionable Recommendations: consolidate findings into research papers or reports, offering actionable recommendations and a roadmap for implementing effective strategies.
    • Industry Relevance: focus on industry-specific challenges and trends, ensuring insights and recommendations are tailored and relevant.
In summary, SuperFriend's Think Tanks catalyse progress within industries, providing a platform for collaboration, innovation, and actionable solutions to challenges.

When to use our Think Tanks?

1. Annual Conferences or Industry Events: coordinate a Think Tank session during larger industry gatherings to focus discussions among key stakeholders.
2. Wellness Summits or Conventions: align mental health discussions with the event theme, engaging stakeholders prioritising employee well-being.
3. Leadership Retreats: incorporate a Think Tank session into retreats or strategic planning, fostering focused discussions while enhancing teamwork.
4. Annual Reviews or Strategy Planning Meetings: integrate Think Tanks into planning sessions, ensuring mental health discussions are integral to long-term decision-making.
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