How mentally healthy is your workplace?
Having and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace is essential for organisations to thrive. If your organisation has a workplace mental health and wellbeing strategy in place, but you’re unsure how to gauge if it’s successful or what’s needed to better support your workers, try the Thriving Workplace Index. 
What is the Thriving Workplace Index? 
SuperFriend has developed a practical mental health diagnostic tool for workplaces, based on our annual Indicators of a Thriving Workplace research framework. Every year SuperFriend collects benchmark data from over 10,000 Australian workers to measure and track the current state of workplace mental health across Australia. 
This new workplace mental health tool provides a workplace-level assessment and a comparison with national and industry Domain scores,  psychosocial hazards and mental health outcomes.
It also enables measurement of the impact of interventions when applied before and after workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives are implemented.
By implementing this valuable benchmark and diagnostic tool, your organisation can reveal how mentally healthy it is and identify practical actions to help your workplace thrive.
What steps are involved?
  •  Measure and tracking: unlike other wellbeing tools, you’ll learn directly from your workers' experiences in key areas, and then track your progress towards becoming a thriving workplace.

  • Benchmarking: see how you are tracking compared to workplaces like yours using recent industry and national benchmarks.

  • Targeted actions: receive an interactive dashboard report at the end of each survey cycle with your results and customised recommendations for your workplace.

  • Support: work with experts in workplace mental health and wellbeing, backed by credible benchmarking data from Australia’s largest annual workplace mental health and wellbeing survey.

To find out more about the Thriving Workplace Index for your organisation, book a 15 min chat with us!

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What are you looking for today?


Access a number of practical training courses designed using positive psychology approaches to build workplace mental health capability and confidence.


Access a range of free workplace mental health resources including guides, articles and more with practical tips to help guide workplaces and their employees.

Workplace Index

A new benchmarking tool developed by SuperFriend reveals how mentally healthy an organisation is and identifies practical actions to help a workplace thrive.
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