Work in Progress (WIP) 2016

There is now a measurable, auditable way for organisations to determine their progress towards achieving a mentally healthy workplace and to benchmark themselves against the inaugural WORK IN PROGRESS national desired-state profile.

SuperFriend is committed to supporting research and an evidence-based approach to improving workplace mental health for the benefit of individuals and the organisations in which they work. This project identified for the first time what success looks like – the key, measurable characteristics of a mentally healthy workplace. The distance between the desired-state identified as part of WORK IN PROGRESS and the current-state across Australian workplaces was then measured through a national quantitative survey.

Work In Progress 2016: Moving towards mentally healthy workplaces

The Work In Progress survey, commissioned by SuperFriend, provides a snapshot of the state of workplace mental health and wellbeing in Australia. The 2016 Work in Progress Report provides an update on the baseline of attitudes and actions for mental health and wellbeing in Australian workplaces, first established in the 2015 report.  The report provides more evidence and support for investing in the mental health of workers to achieve enhanced productivity, employee performance and satisfaction at work.  Importantly, the report draws a clear picture of what a thriving organisation looks like and provides clear actions and directions as to how employers and managers can effectively support employees to be their best at work.

This year’s report shows there is more that Australian companies can do to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their workers and highlights the opportunity to benefit from investing in mental health prevention and interventions.


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