Brianna Cattanach

Brianna is the National Manager of Mental Health Strategy and Delivery at Allianz, sitting across workers' compensation, CTP and other personal injury lines. She brings specialty to this space as a registered Senior Occupational Therapist with additional terrtiary psychology qualifications, specialising in behavioural neuroscience.  

Brianna’s career commenced working in direct mental health service provision before transitioning to occupational rehabilitation focusing on complex psychological injuries and claims management. As her passion for injury prevention grew, Brianna took on consultancy-based roles exposing her to a wide range of industries and challenges where she led teams and projects across organisational development, people management and leadership, peer support and psychosocial safety.   

In her current senior leadership role at Allianz, Brianna is responsible for shaping and supporting internal capability, client value proposition and claims and rehabilitation management strategies for mental injuries and psychosocial risks. Brianna’s role focuses on driving the programs and initiatives that lead to safer workplaces, better return to work and recovery outcomes and innovative practices across the personal injury industry. 

 In addition to her work with Allianz, Brianna is an active advocate for the role of Occupational Therapists in the mental health and occupational rehabilitation space and supports the profession through her involvement as a key committee member and special interest group conveyor with OT Australia and by providing sessional academic work and lecturing to Swinburne and La Trobe University, where she is also on the Academic Advisory Committee. 

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