David brings a wealth of lived experience to the SuperFriend Expert Advisory Committee. For 35 years, he worked in advertising. All while suffering from bipolar 1. This is a roller coaster of a mental illness defined by suicidal depressions and manic episodes. 

Nowadays, he is a keynote speaker for the Black Dog Institute, principal Mental Health First Aid trainer, facilitator for Lifeline, member of a Mental Health Action Group for TAL and, of course, a member of the SuperFriend Expert Advisory Committee. 

He has worked with organisations such as Shell, Nine, Goldman Sachs, Glencore, Tik Tok, Canon, Aldi and the Australian Road Transport Industry. 

David is passionate about breaking down stigma in and out of the workplace and believes that true progress can only be made when researchers, clinicians and those with lived experience work together as one. 

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