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Australian Super is Australia’s largest super fund, managing about $300 billion in assets on behalf of 3.26 million members at June 30, 2023.

Their goal is to help members reach their best possible financial position in retirement through being run only for members and providing access to education and advice options to help members create the future they want.

Care Super

CareSuper is an industry super fund that was established in 1986 to look after super for office-based employees. Today, the fund is the largest industry fund specialising in super for people engaged in professional, managerial, administrative and service occupations across all business sectors.

CareSuper currently has more than 230,000 members and manages over $16Bn in total assets.


Cbus is the leading industry super fund for the construction, building and allied industries. As one of Australia’s largest super funds, Cbus is passionate about providing strong retirement outcomes for members and helping employers manage their business superannuation needs.Established in 1984, Cbus is run only to maximise returns to members, and not profit to shareholders. As at 30 June 2021, CBUS manages the retirement savings of more than 775,000 members and $65Bn in funds under management.


CSC is the trustee of the superannuation schemes for Australian Government employees and Australian Defence Force (ADF) members.

CSC was established as a corporate Commonwealth entity on 1 July 2011 under the Governance of Australian Government Superannuation Schemes Act 2011 (the GAGSS Act)

CSC currently manages the retirement savings of approximately 720,000 Australians and holds assets of over $45Bn based on active contributing members.

Brighter Super Logo

Brighter Super is a Queensland-based superannuation fund that has provided trusted and reliable investment, advice and insurance for more than 56 years. They manage $29 billion in investments on behalf of 259,000 members.

MIESF logo

MIESF is one of Australia’s best value industry superannuation funds with over 16,500 members and $945 million in net assets as at 30 June 2021.

The Fund is open to members of the meat industry. You can remain a member of MIESF after you leave the meat industry and you can have your new employer make contributions to the Fund.

NGS Super

NGS Super was established in the late 1980s as an industry fund for teachers in independent schools. They were humble beginnings, both for the super industry and the fund. With less than $1 million under management and just one investment option when NGS began, the fund has grown significantly over the last 3 decades but has always remained dedicated to members and their retirement outcomes.

As at 30 June 2020, NGS Super held $11.46Bn in Funds Under Management (FUM) and almost 115,000 members.

Prime Super

Prime Super is a high-performing fund with a history of strong returns to members. Prime Super manages over $6.2 billion in retirement savings for members who work in industries including agriculture, health, aged care, education and recruitment. Prime Super’s boutique size means the fund is able to deliver personalised customer service to over 124,000 people who the fund is proud to call members. Prime Super has a strong connection with regional Australia. The Fund was formed in 1996 through the amalgamation of four rural super funds and renamed Prime Super in 2006.

Rest logo

Established in 1988, Rest is amongst the largest funds by membership. For over 30 years, Rest has been looking after hardworking Australians and their super. We use our size and expertise to deliver long-term investment performance to over 1.8m members (as at June 2021).

Australian Retirement Trust Logo

Australian Retirement Trust is the super fund formed through the merger of Sunsuper and QSuper. One of Australia's largest super funds, ART is responsible for over $240 billion in retirement savings for 2.2 million members.

Spirit Super

Spirit Super is a multi-industry super fund with over 321,000 members and $26 billion funds under management. We put the spirit in your super.

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