There is no doubt it's been a tough year. Our latest research tells us that, while the year's events have boosted productivity and connection, the number of workers who experienced a mental health condition has increased by 8.9 percent up to 59.5 percent. And 28 percent of these people were experiencing a mental illness for the first time.

With such high rates, it's highly likely that you know or care about someone who’s experiencing compromised mental health right now.

Do you know the signs of mental ill-health to look out for?

Would you know how to provide appropriate support to someone in need?

There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to mental health and it’s important to arm yourself with the right information so you are ready to respond if someone is in need.

Our Mental Health Essentials online course is made to equip you with this information

This course improves capability and confidence to provide support that could change – or save - someone's life. A specialised version is also available for people leaders - both of which can be purchased for multiple users in the workplace.

These support skills are highly desirable to employers - why not ask yours to cover the course costs?