These are the words of Donald McGannon, a broadcasting industry executive during the formative years of television in the United States and a vocal advocate for social responsibility in broadcasting. This statement is just as true today, if not more so. Think about the leaders that you see in the news and online or the leaders in your organisation - how visible are their actions? 

For organisations to be successful, they need leaders who walk the walk, not just talk the talk. They need leaders who show up and exemplify leadership.  

One of the leading findings in Australia’s largest national workplace mental health and wellbeing survey has been the elevation of visible leadership – particularly during the pandemic – and how that contributes to creating thriving workplaces.  

Other research also supports this finding. Leaders who are open and approachable and act with integrity and judgement are more likely foster higher levels of inclusiveness, engagement, commitment, performance and wellbeing in their organisations. [1] Under good leadership, workers have higher wellbeing and reduced sick leave.  

In this edition of SuperFriend News, we examine how to upskill yourself as a leader. We also discuss how effective leadership is truly about uplifting and supporting the success of others and not about the success of the leader.  

This current COVID wave has brought about a lot of change and ambiguity, especially for those in NSW who haven’t experienced such a severe lockdown before. We have practical resources for leaders to help guide and support your team through uncertain times, plus insights on productivity during the pandemic and working from home.  

I hope you find this edition enlightening and that you stay safe and well during this time.   

Margo Lydon, CEO

1. Bourke J. How Authentic Leadership and Inclusion Benefit Organisations [Internet]. Australia. Deloitte; 2014.
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