The beginning of a new year is the right time to think about what type of environment you would like to build for your organisation before the year’s end. 2020 has created both good and bad change in the workplace – some to keep, some that will revert and others will impact the way organisations engage moving forward.

The new year is the time to hit the reset button and look at 2021 as a clean slate, or simply an opportunity to revisit your existing mental health and wellbeing activities through the lens of a new year with different challenges.

You can also refer to this great resource from the National Mental Health Commission: Mentally Healthy Workplace during COVID-19: Stakeholder kit.

We have put together information to help organisations begin this journey, including:

Practical ideas to get you started

  • Action ideas to boost wellbeing
  • How to ‘make it fun’

Tools and resources to share with your employees

  • Provide self-care avenues for your people
  • Support your people to support each other
  • Support employee wellbeing check-ins

Prepare for action

  • Build your business case for a mentally healthy workplace
  • Get leadership buy-in
  • Learn from other organisations
  • How to create a Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Resources and solutions to kickstart your journey

  • Find out what best practice looks like
  • Educate and increase awareness about mental health across your organisation
  • Assess where your workplace is now

If you’d like support throughout this process, SuperFriend is here to help!

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