Forging connections and relationships with the people around us is an essential part of maintaining our mental health. No matter the situation, the feelings of belonging and connection, as well as having positive interactions with others are vital.

But what about when interactions with certain people become more difficult and challenging? When you feel like you’re butting heads with every conversation? It’s hard to feel connected when you’re in conflict and are struggling to achieve a positive outcome. In addition to this lack of connection, constantly facing tough interactions can also have an adverse effect on mental health, staff wellbeing and workplace culture.

Introducing SuperFriend’s Managing Challenging Interactions for All Staff course

We know that dealing with conflict and difficult situations can be hard. That’s why we created our latest course, Managing Challenging Interactions for All Staff. It gives participants an insight into how and why conflict occurs, the impact it can have on themselves as well as their organisations and businesses, and different conflict management styles and strategies they can use when dealing with challenging interactions.

This course also covers:

  • The impact on health and wellbeing brought about by conflict and stress
  • How to manage stress-related symptoms
  • How to effectively communicate using a person-centred approach and,
  • De-escalation strategies and techniques for challenging situations

Managing Challenging Interactions is an online course accessed via our interactive learning platform, MySuperFriend, meaning that learners will be able to access and complete the course in their own time. Through MySuperFriend learners will have access to additional resources such as tip sheets, articles and videos.

If you or your staff feel that they could use additional support to handle conflict and challenging social situations effectively, consider adding a workshop to the mix. Run by one of our qualified facilitators, there's plentiful opportunities to practice the techniques taught in the online course. In turn, participants should feel empowered and instilled with confidence to apply these techniques the next time they find themselves in a difficult situation.

Ready to start learning how to deal with conflict and difficult situations? For more information or to register, head to the Managing Challenging Interactions course page and clicking “Enquire now” today.