The way the SuperFriend team have conducted themselves means we have come through this challenging year with an even deeper commitment to supporting people’s mental health and wellbeing, whilst achieving even more than in previous years!

Mental Health is well and truly on the radar of every Australian and every business, including our Partners. Through the huge effort by the SuperFriend team this year, we are well placed to enable and help Australian workplaces to bounce forward into 2021 and provide their employees with the skills, tools and supports to help people and businesses to thrive!

Our new MySuperFriend learning platform and refreshed Mental Health & Wellbeing Training courses (all available online) came at just the right time to enable organisations Australia-wide to access education and support remotely. This also includes new facilitated workshops which help to embed online learning. And our new website hosts a wealth of free workplace mental wellbeing information, resources, and webinars to help organisations and workers create more positive and productive working environments.

To learn more about this year’s highlights, check out SuperFriend’s Annual Report.

The challenges of 2020 have put an increased spotlight on the importance of mental health, so it is great to see the Productivity Commission’s final report from the Inquiry into mental health reflect the changes we advocate for. We have welcomed the Commission’s push for broader, earlier mental health support.

On our horizon

Next up for SuperFriend will be the much-anticipated release of our game-changing online workplace assessment tool, based on the Indicators of a Thriving Workplace. This tool will be able to be used by organisations to gain insights about their workforce and transform these into a strengths-based strategy and action plan. Learn more here.

If there’s one thought I’d like to leave you with as we close out 2020 and turn our minds to 2021, it’s to be mindful of the pandemic’s longer-term impacts on us all. You might find yourself avoiding certain situations or changing your behaviour without consciously linking those feelings to the pandemic. When life changes gradually, it becomes easier to hold onto coping mechanisms than to consciously move through your days acknowledging that we’re still navigating very strange times and being impacted (even if just subconsciously). Look after yourselves throughout the festive season and beyond and continue treating yourself with care after riding the tumultuous rollercoaster that you - and those around you – have just experienced.

I do hope you savour what matters most to you and your loved ones during this holiday season.

Margo Lydon
CEO, SuperFriend