Building Thriving Workplaces Booklet

Building Thriving Workplaces Booklet

We know that many Australian workplaces are focused on core business deliverables such as increasing productivity and performance, building customer engagement, and improving perceptions of their brand and organisation. We also know that these core deliverables are much easier to achieve in thriving workplaces.

A thriving workplace is a positive culture where workers, teams and the organisation are collectively functioning well, striving for growth, and workers feel good about themselves and their work. The five key Domains which support a positive culture include Connectedness, Safety, Leadership, Work Design and Capability. Actions across all Domains protect workers from harm, promote positive behaviours and provide support where required.

These guidelines leverage growing research, and aim to increase understanding of best practice in creating mentally healthy workplaces through presentation of:

  • The business case for investing in the promotion of mental wellbeing to build thriving workplaces

  • The Domains of a thriving workplace and how they can be applied to improve employee mental health and wellbeing

  • Practical guidace and evidence-informed actions for building thriving workplaces

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