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Challenging interactions and conflict are common occurrences that can come in many forms, ranging from interpersonal conflict with colleagues through to challenging interactions with customers. They can have detrimental effects on physical and psychological health. Managing these interactions effectively can reduce the negative impact on ourselves and others.

SuperFriend’s Managing Challenging Interactions for All Staff course helps promote and build an understanding of why conflict arises, and provides strategies for how to manage conflict in the workplace.

About this course

This course provides a great introduction to understanding conflict, including the common causes and the impact that conflict can have at both the individual and organisational level.

Participants will learn about different conflict management styles and how they can be used in challenging interactions. Participants will be able to identify their own conflict management style and learn about strategies to successfully manage conflict and de-escalate challenging interactions.

What’s included

This course includes the following online learning modules:

  • Introduction to conflict management
  • Conflict management styles
  • Effective communication using a person centred approach
  • De-escalation techniques for challenging interactions

Modules: 4 short online modules (50 mins total)

Resources: Access to additional supporting resources – tools, tip sheets, videos, articles.

  • Understanding conflict
  • Conflict management styles
  • Effective communication skills using a person-centred approach
  • De-escalation techniques for challenging interactions

This course is recommended for all staff, however there are specific courses covering similar content for contact centre and claims staff. We recommend that these individuals complete those courses instead

Mental Health Essentials – must be purchased separately

Online learning:
$45+GST per learner

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