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1 in 5 Aussies Say Work Negatively Impacts Their Mental Health

SuperFriend urges investment in workplace wellbeing this World Day for Safety and Health at Work


SuperFriend, Australia’s leading workplace mental health and wellbeing organisation, is urging businesses to invest in workplace mental health initiatives this World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The call comes as almost a quarter of Australian workers say their workplace caused or worsened their mental health condition (22.3%) last year.

The findings follow the latest report from Australia's largest workplace mental health survey, the 2021 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Report. The report also uncovered that almost thirty percent of employees value targeted mental health support (29.7%) ahead of flexible working hours (12.9%), and flexible working conditions when ranking their most valued workplace initiatives. Targeted mental health support included: their workplace providing mental health days, training through mental health workshops, and internal or external mental health support options such as counselling and employee assistance programs.

Sandra Surace, Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant at SuperFriend is encouraging employers across all industries to take time this World Day for Safety and Health at Work to assess and address their strategy for creating mentally healthy workplaces.

“The United Nations’ World Day for Safety and Health at Work is a great reminder for businesses to assess their investment in their employees' mental health. Mental health initiatives are mutually beneficial, proven to boost productivity and profits and improve employee retention - an area that is especially important as industry muddles through a talent shortage,” says Sandra.

“With the end of the financial year around the corner, it’s the perfect time for businesses to spend their remaining budget on critical areas, like mental health and wellbeing initiatives, and be open to adapting their business to the evolving needs of the workforce,” adds Sandra.

Not-for-profit organisation SuperFriend provides professional mental health consulting and training solutions to workplace leaders and their employees to address the need for more mental health support, strategy, and capacity building at work. Their evidence-based work is designed to arm employers and employees with strategies to navigate on-the-job challenges, as well as build processes and practices that maintain mental health and wellbeing.

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