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Education and Training Industry Faces Recognition Gap Impacting Mental Health, But Leads in Anti-Bullying Policies

Thursday, 15 June 2023; SuperFriend, a leading workplace mental health organisation, has released significant findings from the 2022 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace survey, shedding light on the state of workplace mental health within the Education and Training industry. This national survey encompassed a diverse sample of close to 10,000 Australian workers across 19 industries. The 2022 survey identified five core Domains—Leadership, Connectedness, Safety, Work Design, and Capability—as crucial aspects of mentally healthy workplaces. The Education and Training industry scored below the national benchmark in all five Domains. In particular, the industry exhibited lower comparative scores in the Work Design and Leadership Domains. 

Additionally, the survey evaluated industries based on several psychological hazards, including Inappropriate Workload, Low Recognition, Poor Change Management, Poor Management Support, and Low Job Control. The survey identified Low Recognition and Inappropriate Workload as the two psychosocial hazards with the greatest room for improvement within the Education and Training sector.

However, the industry outperformed national averages in one key aspect: implementing formal policies against Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination. Over 60 per cent of surveyed organisations within the industry had such policies in action, demonstrating the industry's commitment to fostering safe and inclusive work environments.

Recognising the importance of addressing the recognition gap within the industry, SuperFriend CEO Darren Black stated, "Our research reveals that the Education and Training industry has a tremendous opportunity to enhance recognition practices. By prioritising constructive and immediate feedback, we can foster a culture of recognition where employees feel valued and appreciated, ultimately positively influencing their well-being and subsequent performance." Said Darren. 

This is the eighth year that SuperFriend has conducted the Indicators of a Thriving Workplace survey, and the 2022 survey introduced updated measurement tools to capture more factors influencing workplace mental health than ever before.


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